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Begin with the END IN MIND

Control Your OWN DESTINY or someone else will - Sean Covey

  1. Counselors are here to help with all issues; personal, academic and/or career/college planning.  It is easy to make an appointment with your counselor. Just stop by the office and speak with Ms. Nelson.
  2. Get off to the right start by attending school, completing homework on time, studying for tests and quizzes, communicate with teachers.
  3. Keep up on your grades with PowerSchool
  4. Get involved - join a club or sport.  
  5. Continue earning your community service hours. You need 75 hours to graduate from high school. Make it your goal to complete this by the end of your freshman year. 
  6. Remember that quarter and final grades in each class are reported on a transcript.  A  transcript is a resume for college. 
  7. Begin to discover your interest and make a game plan with Naviance.
  8. Start now to make your do list for college by using a College Preparation Checklist